Our Organization

The Camden County Association of Chiefs of Police is a professional organization serving Camden County Chiefs of Police and their communities. Founded in 1968, our Association has represented active and retired Chiefs of Police and other law enforcement executives for over half a century. We are among the largest and most respected county level police executive organizations in New Jersey. Our portfolio of professional services and public affairs programs places us among the elite police executive organizations in the State. Our Association is an integral part of the law enforcement community and works closely with all levels of government.

Our Mission

“To promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards in law enforcement at all levels, throughout Camden County.” The Camden County Association of Chiefs of Police believes that the best way to harness our potential is to unlock the potential of our members. Accordingly, our association is committed to supporting our members and their personnel to better serve their communities through developing strategies, combining resources, utilizing partnerships, and executing programs designed to improve the profession of law enforcement. We do this by working collaboratively with allied organizations and business partners to create a learning community in which individuals can explore new ideas and discover new pathways to success.